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Rumble In The Catskills IV            

          July 02, 2016    





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World class promotions only serves as a exposure marketing venue for amateur boxers and does not confirm or deny any statements made on this site.  World class promotions has no contractual ties with any personal boxers, trainers or gyms as stated herein.  All profiles have been authorized by the boxer or boxers guardian to be on this site.  Removal of any profile can be done by written signed request faxed to: 518-943-3608.

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World Class Amateur profile was developed for the amateur boxer, to highlight, profile and showcase you on a national and global level.

And It Cost You nothing.

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What We Do!

What We Do!

What We Do!

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World class promotions goal is to provide the most exciting profound and visible event venues for amateur boxers to perform in.  We plan and organizes events to showcase our clients.  Our promotions include Print,Media, and Web

exposure for our clients.

"Our goal is to provide the most exciting- profound visible venue for athletes to perform in."

-Ernest Westbrooke




July 02, 2016 Blackthorne Resort